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green coffee bean benefits

To people like us who are constantly looking for green coffee bean benefits such as simple ways to loose weight quite fast, it can be sometimes disappointing to find out that only tiny amount of weight is lost after a long strenuous exercise for many months.

I was told about the Green Coffee Bean benefits, that I should  combine my exercise with Green Coffee Bean Extract, and naturally, before handing over my credit card to the first Google ad that popped up, I wanted to do a bit of research into it, and make an informed decision for myself.

..and to save you guys all the energy and time, I have posted up my findings, so you can get your body into the right shape. These are my research findings, Purchase, use and results, so by all means, feel free to do your own research and trial. I can only talk about my own personal experiences.

What are Green Coffee Beans?

These are regular coffee beans that have not undergone the roasting process regular coffee should go through to extract their properties for flavour.

They contain a high quantity of the chemical called chlorogenic acid which plays an important role in human health by dealing with some problems like diabetes, heart disease and weight loss.

Chlorogenic acid is mostly lost when coffee is roasted. It is usually eliminated at this stage to make it more tolerable to anyone who may suffer from a caffeine allergy. This basically means that roasted coffee has low chlorogenic acid, if any at all.

What Does Green Bean Extract Supposedly Do?

Well, the green coffee bean extract seeks to reduce weight with the help of two strong substances; chlorogenic acid and caffeine, although chlorogenic acid is in massive amounts.

Caffeine is said to help boost the rate of metabolism up by 3% to 4%. Chlorogenic acid, on the other hand is helpful in dealing with the absorption of carbohydrates.

It reduces the rate of carbohydrate absorption in the digestive system significantly and this in turn brings down the level of insulin and blood sugar in the body.

Ideally, it is like eating a low carbohydrate diet but in this case, you eat just as much as you usually eat but the nutritional value is like that of someone who took less carbohydrates.

What did I Try?

I was introduced to Green Coffee Bean Max.

green coffee bean benefits

The Green Coffee Bean Benefits I was Sold on was…

  • that it had 50% Chlorogenic Acid – which I read was the bare minimum to get.. some have a lot less and aren’t worth the money.
  • Each tablet was 800mg – Again I have seen some far less
  • The product will help me lose weight – That was the main goal after all
  • This products is safe to use
  • No Additives
  • At the moment of writing this, there are some bonuses when purchasing too.. I found them pretty useful!

What are the Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects?

As it is in most medications, there must be side effects in case of an overdose or any other health or safety issue.

After being tested on people, the green coffee bean extract showed a small number of side effects which mainly arise from caffeine, one of its ingredients. And these few effects posed can include:

  • Rapid rates of heartbeat
  • Mild headaches
  • anxiety
  • Jitteriness

Although there are quite few side effects, and I didnt experience any, some people shouldn’t take any sort of supplements, such as Pregnant or Breastfeeding women, or anyone with a caffeine allergy. Please be sure to check with your doctor especially if you have any health issues.

Do all weight supplements work?

I bet not. It is good and very wise to cultivate a habit of examining carefully what you settle for, if you want a worthwhile experience and positive results.

And to help you get a clear view of supplements that can change your entire lifestyle, green coffee bean extract, to be precise can serve as a brilliant supplement to people who always seek to keep their weight in check and their muscles lean.

This supplement works amazingly accurate if you understand it well.

And to give you a clear insight of what you should be working with and how you should be working it, here is the best of all green coffee bean extract reviews out there to help you decide whether it is the best fit for you.

Does Coffee Bean Extract Actually Work?

In Short YES! I have certainly seen a bit of a difference. Maybe a placebo, But I’m certainly happy with the green coffee bean benefits.

Multiple studies have been done on this supplement as well as experiments on human beings.

The experiments show that this supplement helps people to consistently lose weight over the course of 12 – 18 months when used in conjunction with a fitness regime. This supplement outdoes a lot of weak supplements that have poor results and have no life span.

green coffee bean benefits


I see lots of this type of advertising all over the internet. I can only say to this.. SEE THE GREEN COFFEE BEAN BENEFITS & TRY IT FOR YOURSELF!!


Another wonderful thing with green coffee bean extract supplement is that you don’t have to change your diet completely.

You will still stick to the same foods you take pleasure eating without any worries of adding weight. But remember… everything in moderation. Don’t start taking a supplement and then ”drive-thru” every night!

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Have other Health Benefits?

I have read that it does! This particular supplement has been proven to have amazing strength that has positive influence on blood vessels and glucose absorption.

Green coffee bean extract with the help of chlorogenic acid usually reduces the rate of glucose absorption which means that the metabolism of the glucose will be affected positively and act as a protection of the body against diabetes as well as manage the level of blood sugar in already diabetic patients.

Also, green coffee has a positive reinforcement on major blood vessels that aid in heart health and deal with heart disease. Chlorogenic acid in the extract has also portrayed antioxidant power.

Basically, you can see how much this powerful extract comes in handy. It will help you solve a variety of health issues all at the same time and still give you the liberty of keeping on with your regular healthy eating program.

This product is ideal for those who are looking for quick results and have tight working schedules and also don’t want to change their eating habits.

With this great supplement and this informative review above all other green coffee bean extract reviews out there, this is the product I chose.

If you have seen this as the supplement you have been looking for all this while, and you are willing to give it a try, order it today, don’t delay. Don’t wait any longer to shake off some inches off your body this simple and quick.


green coffee bean benefits


I hope this all helps!

Steve Youseff.



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